7 Tools to Help Your Child Deal with Conflict

We live in challenging times. Throughout the world the viewpoints of different groups and cultures often clash with one another. Now, more than ever, it is crucial we learn how to be more aware of the natural biases of our own perspective, as well as attempt to comprehend and respect the perspectives of others. In this new freeIONS ebook we use our research to help parents and children explore facets of multiple perspectives, giving practical tools to help create a world that functions in greater collaboration and harmony.

"Raising Happiness" with Christine Carter

Angela Murphy hosts this discussion with Christine Carter. Did you know that we can teach kids the skills they need for happiness? Drawing on what science tells us about the factors that breed happiness in childhood and beyond, Dr. Christine Carter teaches us simple seeds we can sow in our children’s lives that set the stage for their optimism, emotional health, and confidence—while helping us become happier parents at the same time!

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