Steve Villano with Jean Houston

For this special call, IONS CEO/President Steve Villano talks with scholar, philosopher, and researcher in human capacities, Jean Houston, PhD. Houston was contacted by IONS Founder Edgar Mitchell shortly after his return from the moon, and she helped him explore the epiphany he had experienced. They converse about this and related topics while answering questions from the participating audience.

Steve Villano with Valentine Giraud-Robben

IONS CEO/President Steve Villano engages in an insightful discussion with Valentine Giraud-Robben. At only 30 years of age, Valentine brings the concerns and wisdom of her generation to Noetic topics. Her young history includes growing up in Brazil, a life-changing trip to India and she now lives in Amsterdam. As IONS youngest board member, she not only brings an inter-generational perspective to the leadership of this organization, but her international experience and unique perspective will help guide IONS into the next 40 years.

Steve Villano with Marilyn Schlitz

IONS CEO/President Steve Villano talks with Marilyn Schlitz, PhD, in her new role as Ambassador for Creative Projects and Global Affairs, and Senior Scientist. This engaging dialog explores IONS' current projects spearheaded by Dr. Schlitz including Worldview Literacy and Death Makes Life Possible. They discuss IONS' role in the global community and respond to questions from the listening audience.

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