"Imagineering the Future" with Dana Lynne Andersen

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"Imagineering the Future" with Dana Lynne Andersen

Activating our imaginative, intuitive and visionary intelligence to access and transform our future

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Logic, rationality and linear causation express a ‘particle’ perspective.  These left brain modes of knowing reveal a material reality that occurs in discreet packages of information wherein sequence is paramount to meaning; A causes B.  Synchronistic causation expresses a ‘wave’ perspective, revealing how reality occurs in fluid pulses. In the right brain synchronistic way of perceiving, information is co-present in time and meaning appears as a gestalt.

We experience the synchronistic wave aspect of reality when we enter into mythic, creative, symbolic and imaginative modes of knowing.  In these territories we can access information that ‘circles around’ linear time.  In heightened states of expanded awareness we can seed the field of the future. Dana Lynne Andersen illumines how by using imaginative, intuitive and visionary intelligence we access the waves that ripple beyond the boundaries of linear time and particle reality.

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