"Foundations of the Worldview Literacy Project" with Katia Petersen

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"Foundations of the Worldview Literacy Project" with Katia Petersen

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What is a worldview? How do worldviews shape what we know and what we can know? How can we work effectively with people whose worldviews differ from our own? Why is conversation about the nature of worldviews vital to our global community?

Above is a small sampling of critical questions for learning in our interconnected world. They’re also key questions at the heart of The Worldview Literacy Project™, a learning approach developed by the Institute of Noetic Sciences which integrates nearly 40 years of consciousness research with emerging learning and teaching modalities to help learners of all ages cultivate the skills and competencies they need for 21st Century success.

Listen to gain an understanding of the core questions, key tenets, research methodology, integral philosophy and instructional design underlying the Worldview Literacy Project. Learn the importance of shifting between different perceptual lenses, including  intuition, direct experience, and critical reflection. This immersive learning experience is centered on a curriculum designed for high school and junior college students, and will prove useful to anyone who wished to build bridges among people with diverse worldviews. Explore these and other intriguing questions that are emerging as critical to learning in today’s increasingly interconnected world.

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