"Shamanic Wisdom and Healing" with Angeles Arrien (excerpt)

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"Shamanic Wisdom and Healing" with Angeles Arrien (excerpt)

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From the Audio Set: 2006 IONS Teleseminars

Angeles Arrien and former IONS President James O’Dea explore shamanism, love, and the medicines necessary to heal the damage of our modern times. Angeles, a weaver of story and wisdom, draws upon teachings from indigenous peoples and modern wisdom to explore the initiation that Western culture is undergoing and how to navigate it successfully. She believes that "the past is a road of initiation" and that we are collectively being led beyond the victim stance into something more whole.  In this process, we need to balance light with shadow, disturbance with equanimity, and visionary possibility with history and our roots. Also discussed: the role of muses, quotes from beautiful stories, and connecting to each other through playful wisdom.

This is an excerpt; listen to the full teleseminar with Angeles Arrien.

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