Intention Downloads Interview: Edgar Mitchell

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Intention Downloads Interview: Edgar Mitchell

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The founder of IONS has a unique vantage point to view intentionality, having witnessed and helped facilitate many new scientific studies, as well as developing a theory of quantum holography that can help explain “miraculous” results that some healers produce. In this interview, he delves into theory but also into his personal story, sharing how group healing contributed to eradicating his own cancer and how his studies of the young healer Adam support a quantum holographical model of distant healing. Edgar describes the mechanism he sees operative at the quantum level of reality via entanglement, coherence, information, and non-locality. In his view, intuition is our “first” and most foundational sense. Ultimately, he shares that the building of a new paradigm and the training of our intention are essential for the largest shift we face on this planet, the shift to sustainability.

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