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Intention Downloads Interview: Dean Radin

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Can chocolate and ice crystals provide clues about the mystery of intention? In this engaging interview with IONS Senior Scientist, Dean Radin, he describes a double blind study with Dr. Emoto (of What the Bleep!? fame) in which 2000 people in Japan sent positive intentions to bottles of water in the IONS lab in California. The results showed that under double-blind conditions, the crystals from the treated water were judged to be significantly more beautiful than the crystals from the control water. Dean also summarizes an intention experiment involving chocolate infused with positive intentions from Tibetan Monks and a Mongolian Shaman. The results of this experiment showed, under double-blind, placebo-controlled conditions, that people’s moods were significantly elevated when they ate the chocolate that had been ‘blessed’ as opposed to the control chocolate.

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