Essential Shifts Interview: Arjuna Ardagh

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Essential Shifts Interview: Arjuna Ardagh

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For the author of The Translucent Revolution, the question of how we create a new world boils down to one shift: wake up! At the root of all the societal ills and dangers we experience lies a fundamental feeling of separation that fuels hatred, greed, overconsumption, destruction, and war. Instead of remaining in this dream, if we drop the filter of separation by investigating our true nature, we discover a sense of presence, awareness, and silence. Those qualities provide the spaciousness for us to construct a whole new pattern of being, one grounded in our essence and connection rather than our fear. Arjuna has researched this topic extensively, finding that there is a global shift now underway, happening to people from bishops to firemen, who have recognized their true nature and are beginning to live an embodied, "translucent" life. This shift does not require a great deal of effort; we need only surrender to the grace of it.

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