Essential Shifts Interview: Andrew Harvey

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Essential Shifts Interview: Andrew Harvey

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In this interview, scholar and mystic Andrew Harvey blazes a path straight into the sacred heart, shying away from none of the horror of the world’s situation while calling us into our most naked and vulnerable core. He especially honors the sacred feminine in his impassioned call for us to heal our dissociations, live a life of prayer and focused action, and lean into heart-break to find our place of greatest service. As we open to the essence of all the mystical traditions and embrace the radical transfiguration now required, we start to become sacred activists. To do so requires deep shadow work, though, seeing through our "coca-coma" illusions about ourselves, our seeking, and even our high-minded political actions. The terrifying death we are passing through is also a great birth into a love that can shift humanity into embodying its full divinity.