Mindful Awareness of Breathing Meditation

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Mindful Awareness of Breathing Meditation

This guided meditation was created by Cassandra Vieten as part of the Mindful Motherhood Project. It is one element of a three-part set of guided meditations intended especially for mothers and mothers soon to be, and readers of the book, Mindful Motherhood.

You can listen to these meditations in their entirety, or just for a few minutes if you are short on time. You might listen to one while nursing, during a lunch break, in your car while the baby is napping in the carseat, immediately when you wake up, or just before going to sleep.

The other two audio meditations in this set are not yet available, but will be available soon.

This audio journey guides you through mindful awareness of breathing, an ancient and foundational practice for cultivating equanimity.

A message from Cassandra Vieten about these guided meditations:

The reason that I recommend audio guidance when you’re getting started is that it works a little bit like training wheels. When you are learning to ride a bike, it’s natural to swerve all over the place, fall down, get confused about how to brake or shift gears, and so on. The same is true for learning mindful awareness. The audio guidance helps to gently keep you on course.

You will begin to recognize that each time you practice mindful awareness in your daily life, whether sitting quietly, doing yoga, or changing a diaper, you are committing to a way of being that increases your capacity to remain present and connected with your baby, curious and compassionate, solid and grounded in the face of whatever comes up.

Each of the practices offered in this set of meditations can be used during pregnancy and in early motherhood, and each is helpful in its own way. I encourage you to try all three. If you like, you can alternate between sitting quietly and mindful movement from day to day, or on busy days, do a little practice whenever you can fit it in. The point is to visit the territory of mindful awareness often. Flex that mindful-awareness muscle a little bit every day!

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